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The Digital Marketing Trifecta

March 2022

“Great!”, we hear you say - more confusing digital marketing terms. The chances are, however, if you have scrolled through any social media feed, you will already be familiar with what marketeers call the ‘trifecta of digital marketing’. All good things come in threes, right?

Essentially, when you market your practice online, there are 3 key focuses you will cover (aka, the trilogy of digital!): 


  • Owned media

  • Earned media

  • Paid media


Everything you see online, from that advert popping up for the new lawnmower you had been thinking of purchasing, to this blog post you are reading, is all a form of ‘content’ and this content will sit under one of the terms above. So, what do they mean?


















Owned Media

Owned media is anything that you have created for your practice and have posted organically. This can be blog posts on your website to videos you’ve made and posted on social media. Owned media helps you to expand your online presence.


One of the biggest benefits to owned media is the positive effect it can have on SEO, i.e. where you rank in search engines, such as Google. For example, Google prioritises websites that have regular and relevant content. Creating this type of content also positions you as a thought leader in your industry, growing trust, so you become the ‘go to’ in your sector. 


Earned Media


Earned media does what it says on the tin - it is essentially free publicity for what you have posted online. Arguably the digital version of ‘word of mouth’ advertising, it has huge benefits but also needs cautious consideration. This type of advertising builds credibility and trust, such as someone sharing your content and/or recommending your practice, for example. It's a great tool for connecting you to your target audience and having meaningful conversations. However, like everything, this can also open your practice up to the court of public opinion where you have no control over what an individual may say, so may be something to be mindful of. 


Paid Media


Paid media, you guessed it! It is a form of advertising that you have paid for, such as that Instagram advert you have been running. Paid media, when executed correctly, is a tactful way to fully leverage your brand and to ‘be seen’ online; it allows full control over targeting and messaging. It needs to be done strategically however, otherwise you could invest large sums of money for very limited results. 


So, it's time to put it all together! Using the digital marketing trifecta correctly can bring your vet practice credibility, authenticity and help propel your business towards its goals. You may just be getting started on your digital journey or have already introduced various forms of media, but wherever you are on your journey, we are happy to help!

If you would like a free consultation, drop us a message - we love to chat!

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