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Offline marketing - the missing piece of the puzzle?

February 23

Whilst the digital world is leading the way in terms of communication, there is still huge demand for and value in printed materials. The pandemic forced us to become more creative with how we ran our profession, it also, however, demonstrated the value of connection (not through a device!). Ever heard of ‘digital fatigue’?


The veterinary world is unique in that pet owners, who are our target audience, come from all demographics imaginable, each with differing preferences to consume information. Whilst our world is becoming progressively digital, our profession will remain face-to-face, so it's imperative that we don't alienate those pet owners who choose not to use online means and that we also have educational and digestible information in all forms. This isn’t just about client preference, however, it’s also about opportunity!


Next time you see pet owners sitting in your waiting room, standing at your reception desk, or receiving a prescription, ask yourself - what information could I be communicating now, whilst I have my captive audience's attention?


As a veterinary team, we really can’t afford to pass up any opportunity to educate our pet owners, in turn moulding them into our ideal client. If there is one thing we’ve learned over the last few years, it’s that convenience is key! With everything at our fingertips, pet owners don’t just have the expectation to find what they need online, they also want it in person. Striking the right balance between expectation and opportunity is key. 


Whether it’s online or offline however, the most important aspect in both, is your brand. Your brand is pivotal to your practice identity - people buy from people. It communicates who you are and what makes you different in a world which is increasingly more competitive. Ensuring this is consistent across all client and prospective client touchpoints is imperative. It can keep clients bonded to your practice, increasing loyalty, and ensures that you become the trusted voice for pet owners in your local area. So, whether you’re communicating with them online or offline, pet owners will know however they’re consuming your information, it’s a reliable and trusted source and so becomes their ‘go to’. 


Whether you need some support in understanding or developing your brand, or you would like some in-practice literature printed to ensure your brand is at every touch point, communicating the messages you want them to know effectively, we’re here to help. Our offline work includes, but is not limited to:


  • Practice stickers

  • Appointment cards

  • Leaflets

  • Brochures/booklets

  • Waiting room practice magazines

  • Promotional posters

  • Print adverts (e.g. magazines)

  • Logo creation & redesign 


By creating a comprehensive marketing plan that includes both offline and online marketing, you can ensure you appeal to customers of all types, giving your practice the best opportunity to target all of your clients with the information you want them to know. Offline isn’t dead just because online is becoming more prominent…

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