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How improved animal welfare is the best business aim of all!

March 23

As independent veterinary practice owners, you not only have the challenge of being a vet but also a business person. Under this umbrella, you are expected to wear many different hats, overseeing HR, Operations, and Finance - to name only a few! The added ongoing challenge is the ever-imposing competition of corporatised practices which have a huge machine behind them covering all of these key aspects, meaning their vets can 100% focus on being, well, a vet. But for you, the independent practice, whose offering extends far beyond profit being the only priority - how are you supposed to compete?


Often when you hear the term marketing, one of the first things that springs to mind is ‘discounts’ or ‘promotions’ and whilst these are in the toolbox, they are not at the heart of successful marketing. Discounting your service before you have even examined an animal isn’t delivering upon the key value proposition of a vet; helping pet owners ensure the health and wellbeing of their furry (sometimes feathered, shelled, or scaled) loved ones. Effective marketing is an authentic expression of your practice's mission, values, culture, and personality, communicated via today's more popular and accessible channels to pet owners in your target area. This results in engaged, loyal, and forward-thinking clients. 


Maybe we are not the best marketers for downplaying the fact that the ‘secret’ to attracting more local pet owners to your veterinary practice, and ensuring they are your ideal type of client, is at the convergence of two trends. The first is that the internet is at the heart of our lifestyles - a convenience which is expected. The second is that the overwhelming majority of pet owners these days, are millennials (76% of millennials own pets - and like to shout about it online!). To us, it isn’t a secret at all - although some agencies will say it is! It’s information in the public domain which forms the basis of 21st-century marketing. 


These two widely known facts have presented vets with a huge opportunity! The first is a free platform to educate and advertise on, and the second is free access to your target audience. Good marketing doesn't need to cost the world. Great marketing, however, is knowing how to capitalise on these trends and not just access your target audience, but mould them into the pet owners you want them to be. 


Local pet owners need information and you have the answers for them. This is where content marketing comes in! You have already done a lot of the hard work to be in a position to answer key questions for pet owners. Now all you need to do is find a way to present this information in an accessible way, so they know what course of action to take to ensure pet welfare is at the heart of the solution. Fundamentally, this will add to your bottom line without it being your main goal. It’s a win-win for everyone. 


We create the content you need to achieve this. Whether it's via social media, blogs on your website, adverts online, email newsletters - the list goes on. We can help you grow your bottom line and gain an ROI by always having animal welfare as your number one business aim. 

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