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Cost of Living Crisis: Ensure your pet owners are not compromising on care

January 23

Cost of Living Crisis: Ensure your pet owners are not compromising on care


It's a concerning time for everyone. The Cost of Living Crisis (COLC) has seen our industry in particular, bear some heart-wrenching stories. Following a sharp increase in pet ownership during the coronavirus pandemic, practices were inundated with new registrations, many of whom had to close their books. As our new normal was reinstated, so was an influx of now seemingly unwanted pets. Animal charities and shelters are in crisis, inundated with animals which can no longer be looked after. For many pet owners, the worst hit means there's a daily decision whether to eat or feed their pets and for the average pet owner, they are looking for ways to reduce their outgoings, potentially compromising on their pet's welfare. 


What's the good news you may ask? As the trusted voice that pet owners value, practices have a unique platform to educate their pet owners on the many ways they can keep their pets healthy. For practices, this is an opportunity to support pet owners, bonding them to your practice and creating your ‘ideal client’. 


  1. Insurance: As vets we have seen time and time again, there's all too often a painstaking decision for an uninsured pet owner debating whether they can pay for their beloved pet's treatment. In a knee jerk reaction, pet insurance is often one of the first outgoings to be cut. Ironically, this is when insurance is needed the most - now is not the time for pet owners to be incurring veterinary bills out of their own pocket when specialist treatment is needed. Pet owners need reassurance that when the worst happens, their pet is already covered and as vets, we do not need to compromise on the level of care we can give. Rather than cancelling a policy or avoiding insurance in the first place, we need to provide education and guidance. Whilst we cannot promote specific providers, we can advise what cover they need and where can they look for it at a cheaper price. 

  2. Pet Health Plan: We shouldn’t underestimate how much cost can be saved by preventing issues occuring in the first place. Part of being a pet owner is incurring the costs involved with microchipping, vaccinating, de-fleaing and deworming, as well as taking the decision to potentially neuter their pet, to name only a few. What often fails to be communicated however, is the risk of incurring substantially higher costs should something easily preventable go wrong. Preventative healthcare is always a good investment. It's peace of mind and provides long-term savings on the everyday essentials of pet healthcare. What else can be included on your pet health plan to make it viable for pet owners to invest? How can you ensure pets are receiving preventative care? Quite simply - education.

  3. Be their first point of call: As veterinary professionals, we know that addressing an issue at point of illness or injury is often cheaper in the long run, before further issues develop. “Waiting to see” how a pet progresses over time, often results in more costly treatment. How can you make advice more accessible to pet owners? Education. 

  4. Signpost: Whilst all practices have a key demographic, they will also have pet owners who fall into the hardest hit during the COLC. For pet owners on low income or certain benefits, they may qualify for discounted veterinary attention. Check your practice catchment area and whether you are able to offer PDSA or RSPCA schemes, to help the most vulnerable of pet owners. 


To support practices through the COLC crisis, we have a one-off offer, which will set your practice up for the current crisis and beyond. This package will primarily focus on preventative care, pet health plans and insurance but will also cover seasonal topics and content that increases engagement with your clients and prospective clients, keeping your community connected to you when they need you the most. Available until the end of February and with a fixed price until the end of the year.

  • Social media posts: Educate your clients on the importance of preventative care and insurance. Help them to be aware of potential issues and prevent problems before they arise. By being their trusted voice, you are in a unique position to bond clients to your practice and help them make the best decisions for their pets. 

  • Monthly newsletter to existing clients: Promote your Pet Health Plan, provide education on insurance, keep in touch with your clients with timely advice, give access to available help and in turn be proactive in educating them on the solutions, before they become an issue. 

  • Monthly blog: Reinforce your key messages - save money without compromising on care and pet welfare. 

  • Online ads: Attract your ideal clients to your practice and target them with the information you want them to know

Complete package discounted to £600/month with all content fully personalised & branded to your practice and managed by us!

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